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My awesome 1992 EB Series II Ford Falcon GLi!!!


This is my car from the front, Just before I got number plates for it.


This is the mighty engine before I modified it. It is a 4 litre in-line 6, 24 valve multi-point fuel-injected engine. It doesn't sound like much, and it is completely unmodified. In theory it has 148kW of power. I reckon it had more, as it propels this rather heavy car down the road pretty quickly... And that engine note... makes most V8's sound like a Hyundai (Mainly the Holdens, the exhaust they put on those are rubbish).


The seats...


These are the extractors I had fitted, making the car, ummm, a little bit quicker...


This is heads up shot of the engine. That red thing at the end of my air intake is a little extension, that helps the engine not get heat soaked. As the car has a EF thermo-fan, the mouth of the air intake that was attached to the old fan went with the old fan, so I had to be a little creative.


Another angle of the car, because it looks so good like that...